Holistic Philosophies

At Beau Beautiful all treatment programmes begin with an in-depth consultation. Our therapist are trained in skincare to give truly expert personal care and attention to meet your individual skincare requirements.
Our holistic treatments combine pressure point and lymph drainage massage together with essential oils to attain a high degree of physical, mental and spiritual health. The oils correct the body's deficiencies and also help in the prevention of illness and the promotion of health. The treatment includes a consultation to determine the choice of essential oils which will benefit you most.

Aromatic Facial
A combination of essential oils and plant extracts combined with a specialised massage routine promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. New in 2003, this relaxing aromatherapy facial is customised by the therapist according to your skin's needs using all natural essential oils and plant extracts. The treatment balances the skin, restores radiance to your complexion and lifts the senses with a selection of aloe, lemon, orange, ginseng and green tea essences.

Aromatic Body Minceur Treatment
A detoxifying, anti-cellulite body contouring massage and mask treatment that tones and improves skin tone to 'bums, tums and thigh areas'. Targeting cellulite prone areas, this body contouring treatment combines relaxation with the detoxing and slimming benefits of anti-cellulite essential oils, massage, and natural mineral clays. The massage with green tea and cypress essential oils uses lymph drainage and acupressure techniques to break down and soften hardened cellulite, improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Unique to this treatment is the mineral clay body mask for the thighs, abdomen and buttocks that refines and firms the skin.

Aromatic Face and Body Spa
The 'Spa' holistic treatment combining the Aromatic Body Contour treatment (Bermuda) with the Aromatic Facial. This complete face, head and body treatment uses pure essential oils specifically selected for your individual requirements. A heavenly aromatherapy body treatment, helping you relax and unwind.

Mama Mia
A relaxing and special treat before the big day. Body and face treatment to relax mum-to-be, strengthens skin and helps avoid stretch marks. Especially created for expectant mums, this treatment includes a full body exfoliation and lots of luxurious massage, as well as cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising for the face with relaxing and rejuvenating products. Focusing on areas of the body that experience discomfort during pregnancy – such as ankles, feet, legs and lower back – the four-phase treatment leaves mums-to-be feeling rested and relaxed.



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